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I've never bought anything from GVH, but I live in Oregon and have heard of the company and its all been good. I bought a bike on eBay and had it shipped to my LBS where they made sure it fit and I also bought some extras from them, and that worked well. I have heard people say that if you buy your bike from the LBS they will treat you better, but I've never heard how that works. Do they give you a discount on repairs, or on stuff, or do they give you a foot rub when you come in? My experience is that I'm treated just great buying tires, seats, shorts and all the other stuff, never having bought a frame or bike. One last thing, most LBS's offer a "fitting" at a price, and you may want to do that with your new bike to get stem, pedals, seat hight etc. fitted correctly. I'd go for the Italian bike...
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