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Welcome to the wooley world of wire. Technically, wire is a single conductor and cable is 2 or more conductors together. Any wire or cable meant to flex will be stranded. The more strands and the finer they are in a conductor, the more flexible it will be for the same gauge. Then you consider the insulation and the jacket, too. The 18 AWG is American Wire Gauge, the diameter of each conductor, not the jacketed cable. The larger the number of the AWG, the smaller the diameter. You can spec everything about the cable, from the number and gauge of strands in each conductor, tinned or copper, direction of twist, material/size/color of insulation on each conductor and jacket, etc. You almost have to examine it to see if its what you like.

The current capability is easily gotten from a standard data book - probably Google it, too. There is no problem with 18-24 AWG for a light; usually the weak point is the connectors.

Good luck getting 10 feet. I doubt even Radio Shack sells that little, so you need to go to a vendor that sells by the foot. Maybe even Lowes or Home Depot. Something like intercom wire might work, although it typically isn't flexible enough.

So do you have a flex and size characteristic in mind? has several cables that might do, some by the foot, or as small as 50 foot spools.
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