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Originally Posted by Zero_Enigma View Post
The SSC P4's get 240lm @ 1A (if you win the lottery) but after the conversions of ~85% effecient optics plus 85% drivers it comes out to this :

240 x .85 x .85 = 173.4lm @ 1A after effeciencies.
Not quite, the one amp is as measured at the led itself. In other words, at 85% efficiency for the controller, you'd see: 1 amp .85 = 1.176 amp prior to a one amp controller. Doesn't factor into led output, but rather to amp load at the power supply.

So assuming no trouble with the power supply end of things, .85 * 240 = 204 lumens output, slightly under 60 lumens per watt at full throttle.
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