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Originally Posted by Zero_Enigma View Post
Does anyone know how many amps 18 AWG, 24 AWG, and 20 AWG cable can take?

Depends on the application. Usually the concern is how hot the wire gets. A single wire in the open air gets plenty of cooling and can handle more current. Wires buried in a transformer get very little cooling and must be much bigger for the same current.

A medium type rating is used for wires in a cable, bundle, or conduit. A handbook I have lists the following:
18 AWG 10 amps
20 AWG 7.5 amps
22 AWG 5 amps

24 AWG is not listed but since it has about 2/3 the cross sectional area as 22 AWG a rating of about 3 amps is appropriate.

Of course if you want maximum efficiency and /or maximum voltage to the load use a thicker (smaller number) gauge.
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