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Originally Posted by santiago View Post
Off-topic: What became of your plans to get a Guru road bike? I noticed that the Guru guys moved from their premises close to my home to some shiny new digs a little further north.
hey santiago!

i am still totally getting the Guru Geneo. they keep upping the price! so i better hurry. i was going to get it this winter but will probably do it this summer now. i plan on using campagnolo record, possibly chorus... i might consider sram red...but i really like campagnolo (i am really losing sleep over this...decisions, decisions). i am going to build a power tap wheel set too.

i sort of had an epiphany with my bike builds. i have gone in the wrong direction and regret some of the things i bought over the past few years. ...but oh well. ebay has its place should i decide to sell things...although i am doubting the worthiness of piecing out stuff.

now i am building a FS AM rig good for XC racing as well. i raced my first race 2 weeks ago and loved it! i did it on a cove steel hardtail. i am doing the rest of the series now.

ultimate goal? sweet road bike and sweet FS do-all mtn bike. i decided to wait on the GURU Geneo until later in the year and do the FS mtn first. i have never owned a FS mtn bike. in fact, i am embarrassed to say, i have NEVER rode a FS mtn bike either.

so, to sum things up - my 2009 camaro z28/SS might have to wait until 2010


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