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Originally Posted by crhilton View Post
I hope he was being sarcastic. I really hope.
Originally Posted by graywolf
Maybe you should read something about the areodynamics of the bumblebee. Then check out why golfballs have dimples. You might even want to find out why tennis balls are fuzzy. The actual reason roadies do all those things is, because of what all of us non-roadies know, they are they are nuts.
Of course I was being sarcastic, jeez. Lighten up! Let go your hate.....oh wait, that's Star Wars.

Perfect example! Obi Wan Kenobi had a beard and Darth Vader, being black, sleek and streamlined, smoked the bearded bugger! If old Obi didn't have a beard and wasn't so heavy with such an aerodynamic drag then maybe he'd have a chance.

Really, people contemplate the silliest things - I don't give a rats ass if someone has a beard AND rides a road bike - just stay away from me, ugh disgusting! (sarcastic again, by the way, in case yer wondering).

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