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Speaker wire

Today I managed to haggle and acquired some Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers . These things look and sound great! They're quite powerful though, and I don't like having speakers placed on either side of my monitor, just 3 feet away from me. Also, the satellites aren't exactly tiny, and I'd like to free up desk space by mounting them elsewhere in my room. THe problem is that the cord which extends from the speaker isn't at all long enough.
Here is how the cord configuration is:

3.5mm analog stereo plug --> two adjacent wires for 6ft length ---> wires separated with ends stripped for connection to back of sub woofer.
The 3.5mm plugs right into the back of the satellite speaker.

My initial thought is to simply buy a 3.5mm male-female extension cord for each speaker; easy radioshack fix. I can't help but feel like it's not that easy though -- that I am missing some important slice of information.
Is it that easy? Or is there something more?

The speaker cable is pretty small in diameter, maybe 22ga or even 24ga. I'd hate to make the amplifier work even harder to force current to the speakers.
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