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Pragmatic electronic information?

I love to read and tinker, and I would like guidance about a good book or web site that presents fundamental topics for designing and building simple circuits.

I mean REAL simple circuits like the ones discussed in the thread about powering USB devices with a dynamo.

It would cover types of components (diodes, resistors, capacitors) and even specific types... I know when I went to an electronic parts site to consider building a USB charger for my dynamo, the array of types of diodes just confused me. Or was it one of the other components?

It would also cover things like rectification, ohm's law, parallel and series circuits, and anything else needed to understand the easy stuff like the thread referenced above, or other tinkerer's circuits.

I don't want to be an electronics engineer, but I would like to be able to talk with one about easy stuff.

Any guidance?

I like exercising my mind, and doing things on my own, so you would really be helping me out.
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