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Stolen shamelessly from another forum...

Helpful Resources
  • Falstad Circuit Simulator - It's written in terrible, icky Java, but it's an awesome program. Newbies absolutely MUST go here. Build simple-ish circuits and see what they can do. It's not as powerful as commercial simulators or really all that accurate, but it's quick and damn fun to play with.
  • Dutchforce Electronics Forum - The best electronics forum on the internet I've found. Lots of discussion on projects from the simple to the complex. The community really knows their stuff too!
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits - Free online textbook on the matter. Excellent resource for people just starting out. Explanations are not super-dry and he gives understandable examples. Some things he's not so good at explaining though, and I'll try to fill in those gaps. Oh yeah, and the book isn't complete either.
  • Analog Dialogue - Articles from Analog Devices on slightly more advanced topics. Lots of articles on uses for Analog's parts, and some great information.
  • Introduction to DC Circuits - Simple introduction to DC circuits. Pretty quick and dirty explanations.
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