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Rider from Japan

I am 26, born in Taiwan, lived in Canada, currently residing in Japan for grad school.

I ride about 10km round-trip to school everyday through 3 hills, 30minutes one way. The roads are quite bumpy and gets awfully dark at night. Despite the occasional rains there are now snows and hail thanks to the unusual weather pattern caused by global warming. (It almost never snowed in this city) I also use my bike to haul groceries back to my dorm.

The bike was purchased from Yahoo! Shopping online for 11000 yen (about 110usd) shipped. I consider the purchase to be a very good deal since its equipped with 6-speed shimano. I picked yellow not because I like yellow, but to make the bike more visible to find and to reduce the possibility of theft. Although yellow does look very appealing to me now. The front wheel has a Y brake and the back has a hub brake which occasionally make a high pitch resonance noise. I have since upgraded my basket to a gigantic one and added a foam holder to mount my flashlight in place of the weak incad light driven by the built-in Sanyo 6v 2.4watt bottle dynamo.

Despite how much I like this bike, I now wish that the tires could've been thicker for the bumpy ride and that the gear ratio could've been lower for the steep hills. I know very little about bikes, but I try to clean and tune my bike at least once a month to make sure everything is in top shape. The bike weights a whopping 23kg because of its steel frame.

In Japan, people usually call this type of a bike "City bike" or "Standard bike" but I think in North America we call it a "Lady's bike"

I am saving 1 dollar a day from Monday to Friday so I can get a really nice mountain bike in a year or two. OH and nice to meet you all!

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