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Hi Steve,

Feels like home seeing these bikes. In Japan, everybody young or old have ridden a mama-chari at least once in their lifetime. When I was a child my family had a bike just like that but I was too short to sit on the saddle, so I rode it standing up. Seeing this kind of bike in Japan once again really brings back the memories.

I heard Kyoto is a very cultural city. Next week I will go on a school "study" trip to Kyoto and Nara. Hopefully it'll be as beautiful as I had imagined.

Speaking of MTB, the first time I saw one on the road was on the first time I rode my bike to school. I was completely exhausted by the end of 40 minutes. Then someone rang the bell from behind me. I instinctively thought it was my hub brake making weird noises again, I slowed and turned my head to see the back wheel. Then there was this short girl on a 26" mtb cruising right past me... I got all fired up and tailed right behind her until we hit the school gate, then I split to go to the post office.

I am impressed with the friendliness of this forum. I will be spending time here learning about bicycles. I bought the piggybank today too. It can only be opened by cutting it open. It will be exciting when I can finally afford my first mtb.
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