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Jur, I look forward to hearing your conclusions about the seatpost. As I mentioned somewhere, I tried disabling the suspension on my Mini by binding it down with nylon twine; this worked quite well and I found no bobbing after that, so I don't think the seatpost was responsible. I did find, however, that there was lateral sloppiness in the frame, which came from the suspension, and which they nylon twine did nothing to stop. May have contributed to it, though I don't see how. At any rate I cut the nylon and did not repeat that experiment.

Later I found that the bolt holding the pivot together is completely bottomed out; it is all the way tight and cannot be made tighter. So that's where the slop is coming from. What I need todo, I think, is take it all apart and find a washer of the right size so the bolt doesn't bottom out.

But... I look forward to hearing your results.

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