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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Later I found that the bolt holding the pivot together is completely bottomed out; it is all the way tight and cannot be made tighter. So that's where the slop is coming from. What I need todo, I think, is take it all apart and find a washer of the right size so the bolt doesn't bottom out.
I think there may be some misunderstanding in the forum on what exactly the bolt which tightens the suspension spring, does.

First, the lateral play/slop does not come from this bolt; it must come from the suspension hinge. In my case, the 2 spindles were of different size, 19.92mm and 19.97mm, and the bushes being molded were both 20.00mm. So one of the spindles rattled around in its bush, and this cause the lateral play in the hinge.

Getting back to the bolt at the suspension spring, this bolt only sets the end-stop position. It does nothing to the spring tension.

To understand how it works, if the rider sits on the bike, the spring compresses a certain amount, and the bolt head moves away from the stop. So any tightening or loosening of the bolt will do nothing while sitting on the bike.

However, now picture going over a bump. The spring will compress more and also relax some from its normal riding position. When it relaxes, the bolt head moves back in the direction of the stop position. If the bolt was loose, its head wouldn't hit the stop. If it was very far in, the head would hit the stop.

This is exactly what I got. I got the bike new, went for a ride, decided I didn't like the bounciness, tightened the bolt, found that it was already fully tight, and then inserted another washer under the bolt head to compress the spring more. Then I went for a ride. What then happened, at every bump the bolt head+washers would hit the stop with a jar instead of moving freely as it did before the washers. But the bounciness was just the same. That's when I figured out exactly what was going on, and why I needed an elastomer.
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