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I got a liking to Champion Nutrition protein shake mixes (you have to have a wand type mixer though) for before or after long rides. Before because it keeps my appetite down for about 2-3 hours minimum. After because it just feels like I'm doing something to recover.

I'll also chow down on pre-prepared food that I've stored and just need to heat up, usually pasta and some meat heavy sauce, i.e. 1 whole package of Italian sausage with a jar of sauce. Pound of Barilla and I'm all set. If I'm really tired I prefer food to shakes.

I usually carry 1 water, 1 electrolyte (Enervit or Gatorade) when I ride. The water is to wash down the Enervit gel or crack packs. If I feel really depleted, peanuts from some general store. I don't really drink recovery/protein stuff on the road but I tried it before. Somehow I don't need it now.

*edit* forgot about difference in recovery - I can ride pretty hard on consecutive days if I simply eat a lot of carbs and protein, whether in shake form or in real food. 4 hours on one day, 6+ on the next, that's okay. For racing, haven't tried it so I don't know.

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