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Have found some interesting things while cycling.

A lawyers 3-ring binder with all the paperwork (some not replaceable) related to a workmans comp case she was representing. She was ecstatic when I called about it. She was in the area earlier in the day for a deposition, left it on the roof of her car while she unlocked the door, and drove off with it still on the roof.

Same leave it on the roof situation again, only this time it was a wallet. Fell off in the middle of a busy intersection on Main St. Run over numerous times with c/cards scattered all over along with other paperwork including two signed blank checks and a lone one dollar bill. While dodging vehicles I managed to pick-up everything in sight, called her, then delivered it to her. I explained there was only the one dollar bill in cash hoping that she didn't think I took the rest. She said that was all the cash that was there. She spoke very little English, but I understood her when she said the Lord had answered her prayers.

An appointment book with a phone directory section and numerous business cards for contacts belonging to a Gov't social worker. Returned it to his office just up the street after hours. Office closed. Left it with the receptionist next door to his office. (She knew him, said he'll get it tomorrow). Riding in the same area the next evening, found more business cards, stopped, picked them up, took them back to his office. This time he was there. Same thing happened, was left on his roof and drove off.

Another appointment book. This time a visiting nurse. Had her schedule, along with her time sheets. Called her office and they wanted me to bring it to them ASAP. I said no, come and get it. Was told they had no one to do so. I told them I would leave it at the Convalescent Home where she just came from, a block from where it was found. Not even a thank you this time. Come to find out, the book was also left on the roof of her vehicle.
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