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Originally Posted by Kestrelman
Also found a tiny, half-starved, flea-infested kitten. It's now a full grown, very spoiled, healthy cat.
Hey I found one of them too. Driving along and saw this cute tabby scrounging for scraps behing a restaraunt. He came to me as soon as I held my hand out for him and had no problems jumping in my backpack for a quick 10min ride back home where he was cleaned and fed. I kept him for 3 months while trying to find a home for him and now he resides in a huge house with my friend.
I also ran into a basset hound named sherlock (lucky he had a ID collar on) wandering around by my parents house in the suburbs. I called the number on his tag (another reason to have a cellphone on you when you ride ) and found out he had escaped the previous night and his owners lived a good 10min car ride away. Sat with him while he munched on my sandwich till his owners showed up.
I have also found my fair share of money and wallets and cellphones. I was riding in the city and in front of me some guy hit a bump and his cellphone went flying into the middle of the street. I was able to grab it and catch up with the guy a couple of blocks down and return it to him. He was really grateful for that.
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