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I drive through (or near) an industrial park on the way to work and back, so I pick up a lot of tools (mostly open ended wrenches and various sized socket wrenches). I have to stop picking up bungees - but those are the item I see the most, and pick up the most. There's alway a lot of purses and cd cases lining the ditch/gutters out here too. It's like a hot bed for car thiefs I think - as they joyride, they go through everything and eject belongings out the window. I see cd's all the time, but am skeptical to pick them up just because they'll be scratched. Not so lucky to find wallets or cash or unstamped credit cards yet...

Occasionally, there will be a mysterious garbage laying off the road a ways back, and I'm always curious to check it out - maybe it's some drug money that was pitched during a chase or something similar. But I'd hate to peel the bag open and find a head or something equally as vile, so I leave them...
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