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Fellow riders have commented to me:
Mtn Bike: clean chain = happy bike
Road Bike: clean bike = happy bike
So, to prevent verbal abuse, I clean the road bike frequently. Drivetrain about every 2 weeks or more if needed. The whole bike would be:

[a.1] drivetrain w/ Finish Line Orange degreaser
[a.2] if super motivated, use Pedros chain keeper and remove rear wheel and clean cassette really good.
[b] wipe bike down w/ those Costco (Kirkland) household wipes - very durable and clean very well
[c] apply Pledge so it has that "hint of lemony freshness" (as I've been told). Actually, the light coat of wax prevents the road grit from really sticking to the frame (just wipes off really easily, even gum).
[d] apply Rock-n-Roll lube
[e] Note: have been trying Pledge instead of White Lightning on the Speedplay X2s.

After ~4.5k annually, the chain still looks like new ... but I still junk it and put a new one on anyways.

P.S. - very satisfying to see the Litespeed look like it did when I picked it up. But ... I'd rather RIDE.
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