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I just laughed and laughed...

This morning, I had "one of those days" in an hour...

I work full time, but also attend the local University... This semester I am taking a Statistics course before work on Tuesday and Thursday. This is the last class needed for my minor in Statistics.

I went to bed last night, having just finished a take home test, and trying to find my stapler (I just moved recently, and not completely unpacked YET). When I woke up this morning, dreary and blurry eyed, I looked for the stapler some more... no luck.

When it was time to go, I packed my book and papers into the backpack, and hit the road, just in time to get to school.

As I pulled up to the school, I had a terrible thought, the test I had stayed up late to complete (and did a FINE job on) is probably still at home sitting on a table...

I head up to class, hoping that the professor would let me run home after class and grab the test if I ask nicely, so I rehearse my humble request silently as I walked to class.

Once I got to the class, the door was locked, so I check my backpack while waiting for Dr. Kong to open the door, and as I suspected, no test... I looked at the time, and realized that class should be starting... then thought to myself "Is this the right day of the week?" I realized that yes, it is Tuesday, and look down the hall and see the professor's office is open, so I walk over, and ask if I missed something, is there a class today?

He looks up and tells me, "It is Spring Break. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned it in class." I laughed and said, "No problem, have a good break."

As I walked back to my car, I realize that there are no students at all walking around, and if I hadn't been so focused on forgetting the test, I would have surely realized something was different.

I laughed all the way to work!!!

Then at work, on the way up in the elevator was a coworker. Ironically, I know his son was quarterback on the school's team this past fall, and I told him the story... So, the first person I saw at work knew it was spring break before I did...

Full time students (and their parents) know when Spring Break is months in advance... I just go in to school every Tues/Thurs... Now, I will need to remember to look at the school calendar occasionally.
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