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Originally Posted by Tree Trunk
I have had two group road rides already with 12 people for the first ride and 4 for the second. Both rides we did a 25 mile loop at a moderate pace (16-17 mph), then finished with another 40+ miles at a fast pace (total avg 19.8 mph after a 16.5 mph pace for the first 25 miles for the first
week's ride)
Might just be me but an avg. of 19.8 for a church group seems too high. Going from 12 to 4 people might be a good measure. I ride at 18-22 mph but my average is about 16 mph due to traffic.

To build club or any group you need get the number of members up. You might think about having a few ride leaders and having a Slow, Moderate and Higher speed leaders.

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