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Lurking from Texas, finally joined up!

Hello there,

Been hanging out here for awhile and finally joined up.

After a little break of not riding (ummm, about a 14 year break that is ) I and my wife have started riding again. Last year we started riding our MTBs (on the road) averaging 15-30 miles per-ride. This year we bought some new hybrids and wow what a difference that made! Never realized how heavy and slow the mountain bikes are on the road. In fact, I tried to ride my mountain bike and she used her hybrid. Yeah, that did not work. She was killing me and I was flat out dieing on the hills. So that is when I brought the old Trek 1400 out of retirement (a classic! LOL). After doing a tune-up and such the Trek 1400 runs great. We have been riding more and more and now can do 40 mile rides quite easily. I also have been riding to check the mail almost everyday (nice hilly 10 mile ride to the post office). My wife is much better shape than I am right now (she is training for some tri-s) but I can hang with her on the bike. We are signed up for 2 rides thus far this with the Hotter than Hell being the biggee for us this summer. We are gonna do the 100K this year and see how that goes. Hopefully, next year we can do the 100m ride. Have I rambled on too much. Anyway, Hello again.


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