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What would you do?

I'm going to describe a situation I found myself in last year while on a solo tour. I'm wondering how some of you would have addressed it. I'll post what I did later so as not to influence your views.

You arrive at a state park campground late in the afternoon on the Saturday of a long holiday weekend. The campground offers two types of campsites, sites without electric hookups for $12 and sites with electricity for $18. The campsites are identical and intermingled except the electric ones have small hookups for plugging in a RV or some other unit that requires electricity, whereas the others do not have electric hookups.

Patrolling the campground, you discover that there is only one site available. It is an electric site located far from the campground bathhouse. It is too late in the day to head for the next campground, and stealth camping is not an option. Payment of the campground fee is on an honor system where you place the appropriate fee in a locked box.

Do you
A) Pay the full $18 for the electric hookup site, even though you are tent camping, will not use the electricity and the only reason you are using that site is because there are no others available, or

B) Pay the $12 fee for nonelectric sites, based on the premise that you are a tent camper, will not use the electric hookup and this is the only site in the campground available to accommodate you.

What would you do?
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