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Originally Posted by JohnyW View Post
The problem with that self registration campgrounds is that I normally don't have the exact cash in my wallet (and I don't know before how much it is).
I usually use a check for registration in self registration sites. It is usually the only thing that I still use checks for, but it avoids the need to have the correct denominations of cash.

We did run into a park in Missouri (a National Scenic Waterway I think) that had a policy of not accepting checks. I had no cash in anything close to the right denomination and there were no envelopes at the registration box. We debated over dropping in a check without an envelope despite the no checks policy, stiffing them since they didn't have envelopes available, or mailing them a check later. I ran into a ranger who had some envelopes and he said to just write a check and not worry about the no checks policy (he was unable to break a $20 so we could pay the $12 with correct change).
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