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Yesterday I was eating lunch at a buffet and a lady asked me where I got my Livestrong wristband. I told her where I got it but said that most of the time they were out. I just happened to get lucky one day. A little while later I saw her at a table near mine, so I went up and just handed her my wristband. I expected her to thank me but she just burst into tears. I felt a little uncomfortable, so I just went back to my table. As I was leaving, she was waiting by the door and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. She told me that her mother had cancer and was in a hospice. She told me that earlier in the day she had gotten a call that her mother had taken a turn for the worse. I told her to have hope. I felt bad for her mother and for the lady, but I also felt good that a little $1 piece of silicon given by a complete stranger could have such an impact on someone's day (or week, or month). I told her to wear it for as long as she wanted and then to pass it along to someone else.
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