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See I don't think good area vs bad area applies. I think the whole teaching structure needs to be re-evaluated. I was taught in a decent school. The school system and design itself failed me, not the teachers or school itself. I am not an educator however I was a student, school was by far and away the worst place for me to learn. The curriculum was too slow (no, not easy, slow, there is a difference) and too simply (simple as in duhhhh) structured. The

monday tuesday teach basics
wednesday pop quiz introduce more advanced topic
thursday friday evaluate advanced topic and then actual test

is about the dumbest structure ever. At least in the advanced classes I took. In our system, advanced meant you were being prepped for university. I think that aspect of it needs to be taken more seriously. I don't know how to fix it, but I do know this, generic studies should go the way of the do do. I knew what I wanted to do, forcing me to do generic studies hindered my education, it didn't help. There should be more applicable options instead of the "other" forced structure of credits. You need so many math, so much english, computer science etc. Thats bullcrap. Half the time I sat in school wondering what the point of the topic was.

Maybe the answer is earlier exposure to career instruction, so kids can get the feel for what and where the jobs are, what they are good at etc. Then they can apply more focus to the instruction in highschool as it applies to what they want?

Lastly, dump the freaking counselors. They are useless, aptitude testing is about the useful as,...sorry I can't think of anything that useless. Parents need to step in and do this work, counselors in my experience did nothing but ruin my line of thought. The aptitude test says one thing, I said another, the counselors forced my curriculum to go one way.

Like I said I don't know the answer, but the system did very little for me or any of my friends. Then again, I was best at independent study and hands on trial and error. Schools didn't like or endorse independent thinking.

Whether or not private is better, I don't know. I never had the chance to go. But I will sure consider it an option if and when I ever have kids.
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