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Originally Posted by Akugluk View Post
I'm a bit disappointed in the entire school system, and this country's general philosophy of education. Besides reading and basic math, is there a single subject in school that is relevant to the outside world? and why do we spend 10 years of our lives learning these irrelevant subjects? Not irrelevant to everyone, but not relevant to many. I wish my school had offered applied marine biology, agriculture and gardening, financial planning, tax systems, politics and culture, foreign languages, first aid, nutrition, and computer programming. Maybe some business classes, mechanics, urban structures (electricity, sewer and water), and anything else that would help me in real life.
when I think about it, there were very few things that I did (or was told to do) in school that were worth the life I gave for them. Why do we not learn about the most fundamental human systems in our culture until we're well beyond secondary education?
those classes are offered at many schools. i personally took botany (agriculture & gardening), a financial planning & tax systems class, many politics & culture classes, 2 years of foreign language, health (became first-aid certified in it & it taught nutrition), & computer courses (not programming, but application in careers). among the courses i did not take (but still offered) were architecture/drafting, auto shop (how to build & design cars, not just fix-em-up), child development (we had a day care at our school in which students worked at in 2-hour blocks), construction & many others. my school & many schools in the area are similar & offer a variety of career & life skills oriented courses. granted they are not offered everywhere, but they are around & quite prevelant. a high school near by even lets students take college courses at the local community college as part of their curriculum, thus giving them college credits they can take with them after graduation. when my friend was in that program the school paid for all or almost all of the tuition costs. i'm not sure when the last time you were involved with the school system was (or where), but i don't think your assessment is on par for today's educational system.
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