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Originally Posted by Zinn-X View Post
This whole thing was a mess that could take several paragraphs to fully describe, let me boil it down into cliffs:

  • I was assaulted at a party in September of 2006, my nose was broken and I was unconscious and taken to the hospital
  • Since I was a victim of a crime, the state of California has a program where they pay ALL your crime-related medical costs, (funded fully by fines levied on criminals)
  • I got bills, submitted them to the state, bills were paid
  • August 07 comes around, and I find out that the hospital made a mistake and was sending a couple of bills to a completely bogus address, now I have a collection agency on me for $1000 dollars
  • I submit the new bill to the state, the state pays the hospital. By accepting payment, under state law the hospital and its debt collectors acknowledge the payment as payment in full and can not bill for anything else related to the incident. Basically, I'm off the hook
  • I'm still getting letters from collection agency. Now they're threatening to sue me.

The collection agency is illegally billing me for money that was already paid. It's between them and the hospital to terminate the debt at this point, I'm completely off the hook.

I'm thinking of lawyering up, but I'd rather not spend the money if I can't actually sue them and make my money back. So, would I have a case here? I'm not much of a fan of frivolous lawsuits, but now they're threatening to sue me, I think I need to kick the hospital and/or its debt collectors in the balls. If anyone has any legalese advice, I'd appreciate it.

BTW there's a big black mark on my credit report over this whole thing.
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