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Originally Posted by snowy View Post
I work for a Debt Collection Law Firm here in Colorado. I know this sucks but the best thing to do is get all your ducks in a row. Make sure you have copies of everything and numbers. Call the hospital and get a copy of the bill as "PAID". Contact the bill collector and fax this information over to them. Tell them to cease any phone calls and that any further contact needs to be done in WRITING.
If the bill is paid then they should stop. THEY BETTER STOP!

Also read this link http://www.fdic.gov/regulations/laws...6500-1300.html

Above all, make sure EVERY communication with them is in writing!

Unfortunately, your going to have to do the leg work on this one. And even then, don't expect it to be easy. You're going to have to walk the collector through the explanation of the payments like they are two years old. We had a client that was being harassed despite our repeated letters that the debt claimed was invalid. They even ended up suing the the guy. We didn't get it resolved until I sat down with their attorney and walked them page-by-page through the documentation (physically highlighting the relevant parts) that showed the debt was crap.

If you're within the initial 30 day period, you might try requesting that they validate the debt -- sometimes the collector will confirm with their client at which point the confusion can sometimes be resolved. Unfortunately, the likely result will be the collector simply sending you what's already in their file. In that case, then you're back in the situation above -- explaining it to them like they are two years old.
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