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Originally Posted by Nigeyy View Post
It would be carbon fibre as it's without a doubt the best frame material. The wheelset size would be 26" as they are the fastest. For shifting, I would use Campy Ergo shifters as all other shifters are just terrible for touring. For brakes I would use are cantilevers, preferably anodized yellow to match my favourite colour.

The saddle would be a Brooks B66 broken in by using motor oil. I know there are alternatives, but you cannot tour on a recumbent as the ride is too harsh and you'd need custom dentures. Lastly, I would always use a helmet which should be made compulsory by law.

I'm beginning to wonder about you...

Carbon Fib(e)r(e) (<-- transatlantic spelling)???? Maybe I AM the retro-grouch that people say I am.

26 inch. Check. Well, sort of check. I've read all about the advantages of 26 inch wheels, but I still like 700C.

Campy Ergo. What's that? Is it the new Shimano line?

Cantilevers. Check.

Motor oil on your Brooks B66? I mean, I know it's done, but Nigeyy, you??? Brooks were meant to be broken in by your pure unadulterated butt.

Uh. Forget the helmet law. If you want that take it to the "Helmet's cramp my style thread." It's the black hole of Advocacy and Safety.

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