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Originally Posted by The Figment View Post
Honda/Gm use the same power steering fluid. Ford and Mopar do not. Its all about lubricating the seals in the pump...The specific compound of the rubber seals and keeping them pliable
news to me. i've been using generic ATF (Dexron-II/Mercon or better) in GM power steering systems for years. no issues.

the Europeans do get amusing, though.

Rolls-Royce, for example, doesn't use brake fluid in many of its cars. instead, it uses mineral oil.

except for the models which use RR363 brake fluid.

but owners consistently confuse the two, even though the two fluids have different colours and different reservoirs - the mineral oil system can't even be filled if you've got the wrong container (on the later cars, anyway).

where the real fun begins is on those mineral oil cars - the same fluid that works the brake hydraulics also works the body leveling system. so if you blow a rear shock, there go the rear brakes! 88-89 Jag sedans are the same way (with the added "benefit" of having the power steering on the same hydraulic system).

so what happens if you put the wrong fluid in? you destroy seals. which, on that 88/89 Jag, means you can't stop or steer. fun!

antifreeze requirements (particularly for German cars) are interesting, too. conventional, Dex-Cool or synthetic other (G05, etc.)? heck, VW is just evil, with mid-year switches (like when they went from G11 to G12) where using the wrong coolant could actually cause catastrophic engine failures.
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