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Originally Posted by Fueled by Boh View Post
I find my brooks saddle comfortable enough in terms of comfort on the 'sit bone' area, but I'm having trouble getting the saddle pitch right.
I either find myself pointing the nose of the saddle up, to put my sit bones where they're supposed to be, and ending up with the saddle nose too high -- or tilting the saddle nose down a bit, only to end up sliding onto the nose. both of these outcomes are supposed to have rather disagreeable long term effects. any tips?
I was having similar issues and found that a setback seat post helped a ton. Maybe i have abnormally long femurs but I haven't actually measured them or compared to other cyclists or people my size (I'm 6'2" with 37" long legs). But I think putting the seat further back took some of the pressure off my arms and hands and allowed my legs to do some of the keeping me from sliding off the front of the saddle. The nose is still pointed up slightly but it isn't so drastic as to cause "rather disagreeable long term effects".
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