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Ohh, I hadn't thought of a folder. Well, ok, I have, but more as a travel bike... I don't travel enough that I could justify a special travel bike, but if the Dahon will handle my usual sorts of loads it could be very fun. And upon investigation, my favorite of the LBSes is a Dahon dealer.

I have looked at Electra, and I probably should put them on the test ride list since the local Breezer dealer carries them. I'm not a fan of the bottle generators they use, since not all the bike racks here are all that great. Sometimes I think my regular routes are a greatest hits tour of the weirdest racks in Madison *g*. The city has been very bike friendly for a long time, and it *shows*.

I hadn't thought of Redline either. Biria isn't available around here, and same goes for most other good Dutch/Danish/English style bikes. Bianchi I can get, but Bianchi doesn't want to sell *me* a bike. Jamis maybe does want to sell me a bike, but the nearest dealers are a long way away... No car, so if the dealer is 20 miles away, that's too far.

Thanks for all the suggestions. One of the great things about biking is it can *help* on a bad day, and the more I bike the fewer bad days I have.
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