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I ran into that problem on both my Karate Monkey and on my Dummy. The problem is crappy alignment when they assembled the frame. It's not just with Avids, you will have the same problem with any disc brakes.

With the Monkey I was able to rig up a brace and bend the dropout out enough to make everything work. With the Dummy, my LBS used a facing tool to cut it back and give the brake tab clearance. With so many tubes attached to the dropout on the Dummy, I don't think trying to bend the dropout area is the best option. I still had to clean up the tab with a Dremel tool to get a clean mount but the facing tool gave me a flat, properly aligned surface where the adapter bolts to the frame.

I also made a caliper guard from a piece of aluminum I had lying around the garage. The blue is tool-dip to try and protect the bag a bit. You can kind of see where the tab has been cut back in the photo. It's actually not cut back as far as it looks like. Part of what you see on the edge of the tab is black Sharpie ink. There's plenty of steel left to support the braking force.
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