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On a normal frame it's not really a big deal to tweak the frame back to proper alignment, nor is it really that uncommon to have to do so, especially on a low-cost steel frame such as most Surlys. On something like the Big Dummy, however, it's not nearly as easy to do.

My LBS had already cut/faced the brake tabs before I picked up the frame. The first I knew about it was when they presented me with the frame and showed me that they "fixed" it. I knew as soon as I looked at it that the adapters wouldn't fit and I would have to do some grinding. I also gave serious thought to refusing the frame. However, since I knew that I could make it work with a bit of effort, and since it was extremely unlikely that there was another frame immediately available without the problem, I accepted the frame.

Because the Big Dummy has such a long frame and because the cargo is carried over the back wheel, it breaks the generalization that ~80% of the braking is with the front brake. Even so, a good V-brake should be just fine on the rear in conjunction with a good disc brake up front. Since you are only borrowing a disc brake this probably isn't a super big deal. If you had already bought new, expensive brakes it would be worse.

Since I was able to deal with it myself and hadn't heard of anyone else having the problem, I never bothered to tell Surly about it. Now that there's at least two of us tho, I think I'll email a link to this thread to those nutters in Minnesota. They do deserve to know if there's a QC problem they need to deal with.
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