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Originally Posted by larry_llama View Post
Speaking of empirical, I just got the calipers (for measuring) out ... clearance from inside of mount to the disc: 8.9mm, thickness of CPS mount: 11mm - So I'm looking at removing 3mm of material from that 6mm thick disc mount if I want to clearly clear the disc. Seems sketchy....
Hey Larry I checked my BD and I have ~2mm of clearance from the rotor to the unmodified avid caliper mount. If you have to remove 3mm of material than the difference between our BD setups is ~5mm. That seems way too much of a difference in tolerance. BTW - my caliper mount is ~10.5mm thick. This is all with current generation Avid BB7 stock parts.

It might be worth grabbing a new BB7 rear brake and trying it out rather than making such a major mod to your disc caliper mount. I agree removing 50% of the material seems excessive.

I actually have the old original Avid mech disc brakes [same as BB7, but before there was a BB5] on a mtn bike - probably exactly what you have, but I don't have the time/energy to swap it onto my BD to see if I can replicate the problem.
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