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OK, so I finally had time this evening to get in there with calipers and figure out how much metal was removed when the LBS faced the brake tabs and if it was really necessary to make the brakes fit and work.

As it is right now, the clearance between the brake adapter and the rotor is even along the length of the adapter block so the plane of the brake mount is properly perpendicular to the axle. The clearance between the rotor and the brake mount adapter is ~2.25mm. (A 2mm allen wrench fits in the space with just a little play and a 2.5mm won't fit in without flexing the rotor just a bit.)

The upper mount tab was cut back ~1.5mm and the lower tab was cut back about .5mm. From all this it seems that the brake assembly would have fit without all the messing around. Towards the outer/upper edge of the rotor where it would have been tightest, there would have been ~.75mm clearance and it wouldn't have been perfectly straight but the adjustment in the Avid mount should have dealt with that just fine.

So, even though it is true that the brake tabs weren't welded on perfectly straight, in the end it seems that so far none of us has really had cause for real concern.

Oh, and my frame is an 18".
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