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I'm quite a noob myself (I've never upgraded a fork myself) but can comment a little on the threaded/threadless issue:

Some forks are threaded and some aren't. This refers to male threading on the top "steerer tube" of the fork. The compatibility problem is with the headset (the bearing assembly that allows you to steer) which itself can run into some expense. I think the frame itself doesn't really care except for the diameter of the races that get pressed into the head tube. You can get a fork that doesn't match your old one, but you'd have to replace to headset too so that they are compatible.

Hopefully someone else will chime in because I haven't the faintest about stem compatibility, stack heights, etc.

Edit: The specs on the link you gave is 1 1/8" threadless. So as long as the website's accurate and your bike is stock, get a fork that's compatible with that (ubiquitous!) standard and transplant the headset. I think that would be the cheapest way.

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