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Get a used bob yak or burley nomad trailer, locally if possible, because shipping is $30-40 due to oversize package. Then you won't have to modify your bike in any way and can focus on trip planning and training, instead of coming up with creative bike mechanic solutions.

Your bike is built for speed, not strength. The frame and rear wheel are probably going to be overloaded if you put 50 lbs of rack, pannier and gear on it - unless you weigh under 150 lbs, dressed out. 200lbs is the upper limit on most road bikes these days (actually more like 175).

You probably don't have any ultralight/ultra costly camping gear either. A trailer will let you lug all that fine walmart/colemans gear - this stuff is relatively cheap and heavy, and easy to dispose of after trip.

Sell the trailer on ebay after trip. They are very popular and sell for $150-$250 in June-Aug. There are 3 on ebay right now.

You end up "renting" the trailer for very low cost, far cheaper than most all rack/pannier options. Its possible to even profit on this "rental" if timed right.

Then you're back to racing bike only - no unsellable, no-longer-used accessories laying around the house.
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