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Originally Posted by karasek View Post
Looks like I'm another BD owner with rear caliper mount alignment issues. I have an 18", was mounting a Shimano Deore M535 caliper. The caliper appears to be unparallel when mounted. I've already dropped it off at the shop to have things faced, I'm going to let them align the rear mount. Front caliper mount appeared to be just fine.

Here is where Surly mentions facing rear disc brake mounts in their blog section. Maybe this is what spambait11 was referring to, however they do not mention it being a "problem".

I'm not familiar with the Shimano disc calipers - do they have some method for adjusting the position of the caliper relative to the mounting bolts? I know the Avid calipers have quite a lot of movement to allow you to get the caliper parallel to the rotor.
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