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I visited one of the local shops today. I figured early Tuesday they wouldn't be busy. I was right, and while I was there it started pouring rain. So much for test riding today. They stock Kettler and Dahon. Both are enough of a step through that I can manage them easily. Huge relief after I managed to fall twice getting off my bike in the last couple days. (Note: banging your leg on a Jannd Expedition rack is *not* recommended. I've got a bruise that's the size of my palm now.)

The bad news is they're the most established Dahon dealer in town, and they've been having a horrible time getting the Glide and Ciao in. They have Speed and Mu models, but it sounds like anything with an internal hub is a serious problem.

The Kettler meets almost all of my requirements. Chain guard rather than a full chaincase, and they'd need to swap out the fork (which they offered to do almost instantly when they heard about my cargo requirements). Wheels felt a little large, so they may be 700C, but that's not a dealbreaker if the bike is comfortable.
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