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Humvee of bikes =Worksman
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Like you I , too, have special needs so my fav bike company
is an old American company that will work with you to get
you a bike/trike that is really useful while making it possible
for you to ride in comfort. For what they are Worksman
cycles are one , if not the only, best buy on the planet.

That company is Worksman.........

I have a Worksman PAV 3 speed and ride the wheels offa it instead of driving. IT'S GREAT!!
My preferred bicycle brand is.......WORKSMAN CYCLES
I dislike clipless pedals on any city bike since I feel they are unsafe.

Originally Posted by krazygluon
Steel: nearly a thousand years of metallurgical development
Aluminum: barely a hundred, which one would you rather have under your butt at 30mph?
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