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I test rode the Kettler and a Dahon (a Hon Solo since the shop can't get either the Glide or the Ciao til June at the earliest) today. Short version: the Kettler needs more fitting for me to really tell much about it (seat was too low, bars were wrong). It felt *big*. The Dahon felt like it was just the right size. Both the Kettler and Dahon handled potholes better than my bike, with the Dahon doing a bit better. Both had better butt and knee relationships too. Both were easier to manage for stops and starts, so I didn't feel terrified of toppling over.

And no, a trike is not the answer. I wouldn't be able to carry it downstairs and hold it up while I open the basement door! Same kind of problem with Worksman... I need a normalish size and weight single bike so I can carry it. Falling down stairs because I'm back from a 20 mile loaded ride and I'm exhausted is *not* an option. (Yes, I know, I'm very picky *g*)

They're predicting rain and snow for the rest of the week, so I don't know if I'll get to the Breezer and Electra dealer right away. Oddly enough, most bike shops don't want you test riding in the rain...
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