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Originally Posted by stapfam View Post
New comers to Long distance riding always sseem to think they have to train to 100 miles- to be able to do a 100 mile ride. If I have time to do a 100 mile ride I will do it- and If asked- I could do one this weekend. Might struggle abit as my riding has been curtailed this winter due to the weather. But those rides I have done- have meant something. Bad weather and I don't feel like riding and it has just been a 20 miler with a coffee break in the middle. Bit more time and 25 but with a couple of 10 % hills. Less time and still a 20 miler but flatter and with a bit more speed than normal.

So if you can't put the time in on rides- then make them worth it. Mind you- there is still the weekend and the regular 50 miler at this time of year.

That is exactly what SKT does. Milage may not be as high as one of his normal rides- But that hill---he does it- with less breaks than normal- a bit more speed than normal- or if he doesn't feel like riding- he just does it.

And just to remind -or inform some of you- The reason SKT takes the breaks is that he has an unusual heart condition in the his fitmness overtakes his heart rate. If he exerts himself too much- He doesn't get out of breath like any normal rider- (He may do but he is able to ride through it) His heart rate just keeps going up. Just wish I could get my HR up to his set limit. By the time I get to 160- I am looking for the top of the hill and hoping I can keep going.
Thanks for the props, dude
The moral is "Just do it, whatever "it" has to be"
As long as I'm just fighting the pain, heck, I can deal with that. Pain's all mental anyway.

Just to clarify a bit, I'm asthmatic which isn't a huge issue; I just take a couple of hits on the ol' inhaler before I head out. I still fight a little for wind but I manage.

The real issue is that I'm hypertensive. Stubbornly so.
The last time I did a stress/echo, the doc was monitoring my BP and when my HR hit 165 he said "Shut it down... this is a line you do not cross"
Well, I have a few -very few- times but I don't like to make a habit of it.
I figure, though that the difference between 165 and 166 or 167 is pretty marginal.
Then, I'm not a doctor.
This is why I'm so interested in my upcoming stress/echo.
Has ANY of this made ANY difference?
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