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After thinking about the cost of the rack, I realized that a $59.00 decaleur was pretty pointless for mounting my $19.95 handlebar bag on my $7.00 rack. Sure, if I had a Nitto M-12 rack and a Berthoud bag, the cost would be warranted.
For my Nashbar special, I went the other route: A $0.49 joiner plate, a $0.69 sack of #6 machine screws with nuts, and a $0.38 sack of matching washers. I already had some PVC pipe and deck screws around my apartment.

- I bent the joiner plate around the PVC pipe (cut to length to mount the h'bar bag bracket.)
- Deck screws hold the PVC pipe to the joiner plate (I'll repace them with appropriate machine screws for cosmetic reasons, but the deck screws work fine for now.)
- I measured and marked the 3 best nail holes on the joiner plate against the back plate of the rack.
- Drilled the 3 holes, and mounted the joiner plate become decaleur to the rack.
- A short bungee attaches at the shoulder-strap buckles of the bag and goes under the rack to stabilize it from bouncing.

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