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Originally Posted by Catweazle View Post
...I suspect it's probably best to go find a flatter road when the time is opportune, get that 100km ride out of the way, and then get back to the riding you actually do!

Around where SKT lives it is vitually impossible to do an interesting 100km without some hills,

I applaud your enthusiasm, SKT, But be careful not to over do it. I rode to Monterey from Livermore on Thursday along an inland route going through Hollister and Salinas. I will maybe write it up soon. But anyway, it turned out to be 140 miles...about 20 more than I had calculated.

The yesterday (Saturday) I rode a hard 40 miles over Patterson Pass and into the Central Valley pushing myself cause I though I was lagging. But, actually I did it faster than ever before. Still, I think I am going too hard so have not biked at all today.

Good luck and happy tail winds to all.
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