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Originally Posted by Catweazle View Post

heh heh....

You do rides on hills that would leave some of us broken and gasping!

The 'metric' will come when it comes, methinks, on terrain that suits you and at a time when it's opportune for you to ride 100km. It's a number rather than a barrier, and considerably more 'mental' than pain.

Having ridden a 'metric' myself last weekend I've found that it's rather quickly slipped down the rankings in my personal list of admirable achievements. Riding 100km over terrain I could already handle was an exercise in me sitting on the saddle and spinning my legs around for about 5 hours of riding time. It was a really enjoyable achievement to get behind me, but to be quite honest the ride I did yesterday was 'better' because, although I travelled 85km between starting and stopping, that ride was a wee tad faster, quite a bit hillier, and I didn't get dropped so easily on the climbs as has been the case previously. On a ride which was less 'social' and which involved less stops to allow the group to re-bunch I'd have been left behind of course, but on this ride for once I was able to travel with the lead group pretty much the whole distance. That was a more rewarding achievement for me than travelling 100km was.

Unless you are actually trying to get somewhere more than 100km distant, or trying to build up to longer rides, I suspect it's probably best to go find a flatter road when the time is opportune, get that 100km ride out of the way, and then get back to the riding you actually do!

And the "hills that would leave [you and others] broken and gasping" -and, truth be told, I suck a LOT of wind when I tackle 'em, myself- would be considered a warm up, at best and a joke, at worst to other regulars on this board. It's all relative and I compete only with myself and the 20 years I allowed myself to lose.

One small piece I left out is that I work for a company with a strong focus on health and safety.
I was required to set a health/safety goal for this year's performance evaluation upon which, in part, my year end salary increase will depend. "That's easy", said I "I will complete a metric century". I pretty much know what the rough course will be and it is fairly flat. There will be a Sharp Park Road class climb at about the 20 mile mark outbound and I'll have to climb back over that to get back home. I've done the outbound climb, I've done the inbound complement. I don't whether I'm looking forward it but I'll do it anyway.

Now, I think, having not completed it yet, that I'll be happy to have it behind me on my C.V. and then I'll go back to my regular 25 or 30 mile weekend rides. As long as I get my 200 or so miles a month in, I'm a happy guy. Of course, those miles will include hills; I have no choice, really.
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