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Originally Posted by SaiKaiTai View Post
And the "hills that would leave [you and others] broken and gasping" -and, truth be told, I suck a LOT of wind when I tackle 'em, myself- would be considered a warm up, at best and a joke, at worst to other regulars on this board. It's all relative and I compete only with myself and the 20 years I allowed myself to lose.
Spot on, and unless you're riding with and trying to stay with those regulars who'd consider the rides a 'joke' it doesn't matter a fig

Here on the 50+ board, and out on Sunday Social rides with my local group, I haven't come across anybody who denigrates the achievements of others. Out on solo rides (which I enjoy more than any other cycling activity) whatever anybody else might think isn't even a consideration.

I'm an asthmatic too, by the way. And a lifelong smoker. Done all the things to myself I should never have done, and still doing a fair slice of them. We're all different, and 'achievement' gets measured on our own scale, IMO. Getting to someplace you decided to go to is an achievement. Getting over the hill in front of you is achievement. Wanting to be as 'jock' as the next bloke is just ego
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