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Next set of test rides: Batavus, Breezer and Electra

I can't pick up a Batavus. I *certainly* can't pick it up and carry it down stairs. That sucks, because the front rack is very cool looking. Electras I can pick up. They also win a new award: first bike I've ever ridden with handlebars set high enough to make my arms sore (and that's *after* we knocked them down a bunch). It also felt a bit twitchy.

Breezer comes in a me sized model. It also wins points since it was doable to ride it hands free for a bit. Corners nicely, and is geared about the same as the Kettler. Right now, this is the front runner. I can't get the Kettler in a smaller size, since they no longer make city bikes. The two bikes are priced almost identically, and are about the same on features (coaster brake, skirt guard and mini pump vs wheel lock and water bottle braze ons).

SixtyFiver, the Twenty looks very cool . I think it'd try to turn into a project bike on me, so it would not be ok as an Only Bike.
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