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Wide Cycling Shoes

Hi all, newbie to the Bike Forums here and just getting into road biking sort of half seriously. To qualify, I’m not a racer and don’t currently intend to be any sort of long distance endurance runner or anything. More an hour or two (or maybe three) rider for the fun and health benefits mostly. I wrote a bit more about myself in the “Bike fit – Art vs. Science” thread nearby.

Here’s the question, I’ve currently got “regular” peddles attached to my road bike (Trek Pilot 5.0) much to the dismay of the nice guy that sold me the bike and have been riding in sneakers. I’m not much of a fan of the idea of clipless peddles or bike shoes with cleats, but I’m thinking of giving it a try. Here’s my problem; I have really wide feet, 10.5 EEE. Anyone else out there with wide feet that can recommend a brand of bike shoe that may fit my flippers… err feet? Also, what sort of peddles/cleats are the best for a newbie? I’d just as soon not eat asphalt learning to use them.

My apologies, this seems to have double posted. Browser glitch... :-(


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