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Originally Posted by chucko58 View Post
I have had to learn (the hard way, of course) that mountain biking isn't just about sitting in the saddle and cranking. It's about sliding around on the saddle looking for the balance point on uphills, getting behind the saddle on downhills, getting off the saddle entirely in the rough stuff, etc. Road riding is about sitting in the saddle and cranking. That may be part of your issue with the new bike.

My personal experience is that it's very difficult to make the same bike work well on both pavement and trail.
I am in the process of learning all this. I noticed yesterday on the trail that I really sat nearly all the time. I setup my MTB bike fairly close to my roadie, with a drop much like in his picture. This was because that is what I knew and I just got my bike in the winter and had just been doing some stuff on the road to get on it. My wrists hurt and went numb yesterday. Well, today I flipped my stem back up and put the spacers under it instead of over (I was leaving the extra on no matter what to not cut too early). I probably gained 1.5 inches total. I will give it a try soon. And I will try to get up and move around more. I was the roadie on the trail, that is for sure.

I want this bike to also be my occasional city bike, commute bike, etc . . . and I just have to accept that if I set it up to ride great on the road, it will not be as great on the trails.
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